Anton Dubrick, MD

Your Hometown, Independent Physician

Board -Certified in Emergency Medicine, 1986-2006

Hi! I have now returned to practice at my new office at 420 W. Schwartz in Salem. Look for the red brick building just north of Main & College Streets. You will always see a fully-licensed physician at my office. I accept general practice patients older than 12 years. I do not do any obstetrics or pre-natal.

Call 618-740-4667 for an appointment. Past patients will be given priority scheduling, but new patients are welcome at this time. In the past, my practice rapidly became over-subscribed, and I may have to limit new patients at some point if this occurs again.

My rates are very reasonable, and closely track the current Medicare re-imbursement rates. I like the idea of Medicare for everyone, if it could only be implemented by Congress.

I accept most major insurance, but not HMO's. I am a participating provider with Medicare and Medicare with Supplement. I especially welcome scheduling your annual Medicare Wellness visit as a way to get to know you, or to catch up on your current condition.

I suggest returning patients get their old records for free from my old office on Whittaker. We can get this easily electronically by your signing a consent either at Schwartz St or at Whittaker. If you come from some other office, I usually just need a copy of your last two visits to start, along with any recent lab/xray reports. If we need more, we'll get them for you. As always, please bring ALL your medications with you to the visit.

I do accept all my old Medicaid patients and all Medicare with Medicaid patients. However, I regret to say that I will not accept Medicaid only for new patients. The IL State reimbursement is just too erratic. Fortunately, the clinics affiliated with Salem Hospital accept Medicaid. They even get reimbursed at a higher rate than community-based physicians. You may have to see a nurse-practitioner there, however.

To start, bring cash or credit card time of visit for your copay. Checks are not accepted.

As you might know, I do not provide controlled substance prescriptions to new patients. If you are a new patient with chronic pain or psychiatric needs for these kinds of medications, I will initially refer you to an appropriate specialist. Additionally, I strongly urge all my patients to limit usage of those medications, and to use them carefully. The office stocks no pills or injectables on site.

Looking forward to seeing you! DrT